Okuda Art

MotherMother's mirage (2017) 100x100 cm. The Dream of Mona Lisa. Adda & Taxie Gallery Lost wolves (2017)Lost wolves (2017) 331”x31”. Mayan Renaissance. Corey Helford Gallery Refugiee Gooddesses (2017)Refugiee Gooddesses (2017) 80x80cm. Lost Olympus. Stolen Space MomMom's bird (2016) 120x140cm. New Coliseum. Underdogs Gallery Skull Igloo (2016)Skull Igloo (2016) 80x80cm. New Coliseum. Underdogs Gallery No identity 2 (2016)No identity 2 (2016) 80x80cm. New Coliseum. Underdogs Gallery No Identity (2016)No Identity (2016) 100x100cm. Urban Art Fair Paris Rainbow Prison (2016)Rainbow Prison (2016) 80x60cm. Wool and fabrics on Canvas Heads Totem (2016)Heads Totem (2016) 80x60m. Wool over canvas 2016 Multiflag Obama. (2015)Multiflag Obama. (2015) 100cm. Wool & fabrics over canvas. Dali Mask (2015)Dali Mask (2015) 122x122cm. Wool over canvas 2015 detail. The Leyend Mirage (2015)detail. The Leyend Mirage (2015) 122x122m. Wool over canvas back detail. The Leyend Mirage 2015back detail. The Leyend Mirage 2015 122x122m. Wool over canvas Bricks brain skull (2014)Bricks brain skull (2014) 100x100cm. Wool over canvas Jungle Queen (2014)Jungle Queen (2014) 100x100cm. Wool over canvas Wounded Rat (2014)Wounded Rat (2014) 60x60m. Wool over canvas Decapited BearDecapited Bear 50cm. Wool over canvas